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Waking up in the morning to find a tree lying across the driveway can be a shock. Worse yet, hearing an ear-splitting crash in the middle of the night and waking to find part of a tree protruding through the roof can be horrifying. This is where tree removal Marlow Bottom can come to the rescue. Compare free quotes from several reputable tree surgeons prepared to provide emergency services.

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Finding a Qualified Tree Surgeon

It is important to select a tree service that is accredited and licensed. The service should be able to provide proof of insurance and verifiable references. Tree service professionals should be able to explain the process for removing the fallen tree and ensure the safety of the surrounding property. Failing to remove a sick tree that is in danger of falling could result in thousands of pounds worth of property damage and even injury to people. Tree removal Marlow Bottom meets all the criteria of a qualified and reliable tree service with skilled tree specialists who can offer advice as well as safely remove a fallen tree.

Tree Felling vs. Tree Removal

Tree felling is the process involved in bringing a tree down safely. Tree removal, on the other hand, involves completely removing trees from property. The two are very similar, and one service may be performed without the other. For example, if a tree falls on your property due to wind or other acts of nature, you can call a company to remove that tree for you. On the other hand, if a tree on your property has died and you need someone to take it down, you would ask for tree felling, instead.

Tree Removal Costs

The costs of removing a tree may vary depending on a number of things. Larger trees often cost more to remove than smaller trees simply because there is more work involved. Trees that have already fallen on homes, buildings or other structures pose special dangers to the tree specialist as well as to the structural integrity of the building and may require additional costs to remove. Trees that are dangerously close to power lines or buildings require special attention and sometimes extra costs are involved in order for Marlow Bottom tree removal specialists to safely take the tree away.

Marlow Bottom tree removal costs
circumstances for removing trees

Circumstances for Removing Trees

There are various circumstances that may call for a removal of a tree or group of trees. It is not always fallen trees that need to be removed. Sometimes businesses that are expanding need for a site to be cleared of trees. Other times people in residential neighbourhoods need to have a tree removed when it has grown too large for an area or is too close to the home. A qualified tree removal service is able to remove and carry away trees of all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of locations.

Removing Large Trees

Wind, saturated ground, and the death of a tree are the top reasons why large trees will fall on the ground, on vehicles, or even on homes. These large trees may seem impossible to remove, but experienced professionals have the knowledge to remove them safely, without causing further damage. Heavy machinery may be brought in to safely lift and move the tree, or the company may simply cut the tree into smaller, more manageable pieces and move it chunk-by-chunk. Tree surgeons will discuss the best options for removal with you before they get started.

Relocating Removed Trees

If you're expanding your home or business, or even interested in moving a tree to another location on your property, it may be possible to save that tree and replant it elsewhere. Typically, this is only true of smaller trees have not yet developed extensive root systems. Your tree surgeon can give you more information about relocating a tree, including the prognosis for that tree's survival in the future. Not all trees can be relocated, so it's important to consider this before you schedule yourwork.

relocating removed trees
regular tree inspections are important

Regular Inspection of Trees

It is a good idea to have trees checked regularly for decay and disease. Whether in private yards or places of business, unhealthy trees can pose a dangerous hazard to people and buildings. A professional Marlow Bottom tree removal service can inspect a tree and determine whether or not it needs to be removed. Sometimes proper maintenance such as removal of dead branches or treatment of diseases can save a tree from falling or needing to be removed. Regular inspections and maintenance of trees by specialists can prevent disasters from happening.

Trees Have a Lifespan

Trees actually have a lifespan. The lifespans may differ depending on the type of tree. Some typically live longer than others, but all will reach the end of their lifespans eventually. A qualified tree removal service will be able to advise a customer as to whether or not a tree can be saved of if it is time to have it removed. It is important that a tree surgeon has all of the necessary equipment on hand to safely remove the tree and a qualified tree service professional should be able to do the entire job in one day under normal circumstances.

the lifespan of trees varies

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diy tree removal is not recommended

Moving the Fallen Tree Without Help

People are injured all the time trying to move felled trees on their own. The process can be much more difficult than it looks. Accidents are common among inexperienced individuals who try to remove fallen trees from their property without proper equipment. It makes much better sense to contact a Marlow Bottom tree removal service with skilled professionals who know how to properly and safely remove fallen trees. Tree removal professionals usually respond very quickly to tree removal emergencies.

Your Marlow Bottom tree removal questions answered

Trees are often removed to make room for new construction or utility lines or because they are diseased or damaged.

Doing so is not recommended because it can be dangerous if not performed properly.

Not unless it is specified in the original paperwork. Some tree surgeons are happy to remove a stump at the same time as the tree for an additional cost, but it isn't always included.

It will depend on the size of the tree and the complexity of the removal. Smaller, easily accessible trees can be removed for £120, where larger trees that are hard to get to can cost around £600 - £3,000.

This will depend on the location of your tree, the size of your extension, and other factors. If you need tree removal performed, connect with one of the pre-screened professionals in our extended Marlow Bottom network.

In many cases, if a tree on your property fell and caused property damage, your homeowner's insurance might cover the costs associated with tree removal. The only way to know for certain involves contacting your insurance provider and carefully reading your policy.

This depends on the company. Some tree surgeons will add stump removal as an all-inclusive service; others will simply consider tree removal what it is - the removal of a tree that has already fallen. For the best possible results, you should include all pertinent information in your quote request. This will help you get the most accurate quotes.

In some cases, trees that have been removed from your property will be able to be planted out elsewhere. However, if the tree in question is rotting or is an invasive species, it will most likely be best to destroy it instead.

The amount of time required to remove trees on your Buckinghamshire property will vary according to the amount of trees being removed as well as their type and size. The amount of obstacles that will need to be worked around will also have an effect on your quote.

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15 Jun Tree Removal

Numerous trees in our back garden needing to be felled to create an access route. Approximately 8 conifers plus a rowan tree and eucalyptus.

15 Jun Felling & Removal

In order to develop a small plot of land we own, four large trees will have to be removed (no preservation order). Please quote for the felling and removal.

15 Jun Oak Removal

Lightning has unfortunately struck a large oak tree on the side of my property. I have attempted to chop it into some manageable pieces; however I am in need of tree removal services. Can you please provide me with a quote?

14 Jun Cheap Removal

I need to get a tree removed from my front garden, but I am on quite a tight budget. What is the lowest price possible to get this job done?