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Dead Wooding in Marlow Bottom - Get The Best Pruning Costs

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As trees grow, lower branches can be starved of light and become redundant. When tree branches die off and decay, they will eventually fall causing a safety hazard to people and property. A dead wooding Marlow Bottom expert can offer help, by removing the branches that could pose a hazard to anyone who passes beneath the tree. The good news is that dead wooding doesn't have to cost that much.

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dead wooding Marlow Bottom, Buckinghamshire
what causes dead wood?

What Causes Dead Wood to Accumulate on a Tree?

There are a number of things that can cause tree branches to die resulting in the need for services from a Marlow Bottom dead wooding specialist:

  • Damage to the bark by wild animals, insects, diseases and other vegetation such as weeds and ivy
  • Inadequate sunlight to all branches causing some to die due to light deficiency which inhibits food production
  • Root damage caused by animals, diseases, fungus, tangled roots and inadequate nutrients in the soil
  • Trees growing too close to buildings, pavements, streets and other trees resulting in lack of growth

Why Should Dead Wood be Removed?

It is best to have a Marlow Bottom dead wooding professional remove the dead wood as soon as possible along with any vegetation that may interfere with growth for a number of reasons such as:

  • Protecting individuals from being injured and property from being damaged by falling branches
  • Preventing dead branches from becoming projectiles during a heavy storm and harming people and property
  • Removing excess weight from a tree making the tree sturdier, healthier and prone to live longer
  • Keeping branches from splitting and causing the tree to be unhealthy and unattractive in appearance
why remove dead wood?

How Dead Wooding Can Improve Visual Appeal

When part of a tree has died, the leaves will fall off and that spot will look bare. This can create asymmetry in your exterior design, which can quickly become an eyesore. Removing dead wood from an otherwise healthy tree will help restore visual appeal. The sooner the dead limb is removed, the more quickly your tree can recover and fill in any “bald” spots that may remain.

Marlow Bottom dead wooding costs

Marlow Bottom Dead Wooding Costs

Prices for Marlow Bottom dead wooding services may vary depending on the special criteria associated with each job. The number of trees and the size of the trees that need dead wooding services would be one of the factors that may dictate the overall cost of the job. The amount of dead wood in each tree and any hazards involved with removing it may also affect the cost. The specific location and position of each tree that requires dead wooding will affect the cost as well as the urgency of the job. A dead wooding professional may detail all potential costs when evaluating a job.

The Dead Wood Removal Process

It is important for trees to be inspected every year for dead wood and when it is found, a Dead Wooding Marlow Bottom service should be contacted to promptly remove it. Removing the dead wood will help the tree be more balanced and better withstand high winds. Trees with branches that hang over public roads and pavements as well as those that grow in community gardens and parks should be given immediate attention when dead wood is discovered. The process of dead wooding can take place any time of year, but experts agree that it is best to avoid dead wooding in the spring when new buds usually sprout.

the process of removing dead wood from Marlow Bottom trees
what to do if you notice dead wood

What to Do If You Notice Dead Wood on Your Tree

If you've noticed that some of the branches on your tree no longer grow leaves - even during the Summer months - this is a good sign that the particular branch has died. If you notice dead wood on your tree, it's vital to contact a professional right away. Dead wood is a hazard, especially in windy conditions, and falling limbs can cause damage to life and property. Here, you can get multiple quotes from reputable tree surgeons who are experts in the removal of dead wood. Many can come to your home or property very quickly to resolve the problem for you.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes to trees aren’t uncommon in Buckinghamshire, and unfortunately, they can cause parts of a tree to die quite quickly. If a tree in your garden has been struck by lightning, it’s important to call a tree surgeon right away. In some cases, a bit of trimming, lifting, or reduction can save a tree. In others, tree removal may be necessary. Dead wooding may be required if a struck tree isn’t cared for right away; the death of a part of the tree can create a hazard in windy conditions, and it can also become a significant fire hazard.

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expert Marlow Bottom dead wooding services

Experts to the Rescue

It is crucial that dead wooding experts be called in to remove precarious and potentially dangerous dead branches. The professionals know safe and proper techniques for dead wooding, and they have the necessary equipment to perform the job efficiently. Expert tree specialists have typically undergone advanced training in dead wooding processes. In addition, dead wooding Marlow Bottom specialists possess appropriate licenses, insurance and special certifications where required. It makes sense to go with a company of experts to make sure the job is performed accurately and in a safe manner.

Your Marlow Bottom dead wooding questions answered

Dead wooding involves removing the dead or diseased limbs of a tree by pruning or cutting them away.

Dead wooding will often make it possible for you to save a tree so that it can continue to flourish.

Dead wooding, or the removal of dead branches from trees on your property, is a service that is almost always offered by local tree surgeons. There may be companies that specialise in dead wooding and other trimming services.

The cost will vary depending on how much dead wood needs to be removed. It can cost as little as £15 or as much as £500. Get an obligation free quote from your local tree surgeon to get a better idea of how much the job is going to cost you.

Dead wooding involves removing dead limbs of a tree that will naturally occur as a plant ages. Many times, this is needed to prevent dead branches from falling onto objects below.

There are a few instances in which you might be able to prevent branches on a tree from dying. For example, if you are planting a new tree on your property, make sure you provide plenty of space for the roots associated with a fully-grown tree. If you notice any signs of disease, such as rotting, or an insect or animal infestation, you can contact your local tree surgeons to assess the problem early and perhaps save the limb.

Every Marlow Bottom tree surgeon has different procedures. Some companies will bring along a wood chipper and handle removal on-site; others may charge you extra to bring in the equipment or haul away the dead wood. If you’re concerned about removal, make sure you mention this in your request for a quote so you can get the most accurate information.

When a significant portion of a tree has died, it may make the tree unstable. Trees that have been partially uprooted or struck by lightning may die on one side, but thrive on the other. For the best results, a tree surgeon should analyse the situation on-site, then provide advice about the proper way to handle the dead part of the tree. In some cases, tree removal is the safest option.

In most cases, it can take a few days for a professional tree surgeon to come out to your Buckinghamshire property. However, if you think that there is a risk of a portion of the tree falling on to your home or the public, you can let them know it is an urgent matter that needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

One of the experienced tree surgeons on the Marlow Bottom network we access will be able to provide you with advice regarding total removal. They will thoroughly inspect the tree before providing their recommendations.

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Sample Requests For the Removal of Dead Wood

15 Jun Dead Wooding

A number of trees lining our garden need dead limbs removed to reduce the risk of any branches falling onto a public footpath. Please quote direct for the work.

15 Jun New Home

I am in need of some serious landscaping work on an older home that I recently purchased. All of the approximately 13 trees on the property are in need of dead wood thinning. Please offer me your best quote for these services.

15 Jun Falling Branches

With the heavy rains we have had this season; large branches seem to fall in our garden quite frequently. I have 12 large trees of different varieties in our garden. Can someone take a look at any dead branches to see if they need to come down. Please provide a quote.

14 Jun Diseased Tree

I have a tree with what we think is a disease and need some dead branches removed plus some advice. How much is that going to cost me? Thank you very much for your help and service.